The Hallmark of Quality

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Why is Regal Imports Canada's Boutique Diamond supplier?

  • We are a small and sophisticated business
  • We cater to a specialized and specific market
  • We provide expert advice and personal service
  • We are all about a commitment to values and taste
  • We are not one size fits all at the lowest price
  • We provide a full complement of value-added services

What are Regal Boutique Diamonds?

  • They are selected diamonds that appeal to specialty jewellers who strive to differentiate
  • They are inspected by at least 3 accredited gemologists
  • They meet specific and detailed qualifications
  • They can be sold with full margins
  • Our full collection in both round and fancy shapes is on hand and ready to show

The Regal Boutique Laboratory

  • Provides a sophisticated retail presentation
  • All diamond presentation material is accumulated with the most up to date technology
  • Providing you with full confidence in presenting our diamonds
  • OGI Scanox Zoom providing complete cut grade analysis
  • OGI Gemscribe providing in-house laser identification
  • Diacam 360 providing magnified video presentation
  • GIA iD100 identifying natural diamonds from laboratory-grown diamonds
  • Fully equipped laboratory with all instruments required for a top-caliber diamond analysis and presentation