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Selling a Canadian Diamond

Canadian diamonds are the hot item for jewellers in Canada. The retail goal in marketing this luxury product is to maximize credibility, consistency and profitability.

Canadian diamonds must be considered an individual retail product line. That product line must be supported by a complete range of product inventory and backed up by product knowledge and guarantees.

A consistent and knowledgeable presentation of the product line is necessary to avoid customer confusion. Several brands of Canadian diamonds are available. The retailer can choose one Canadian diamond brand that reflects his personal marketing image. The consistent presentation of one chosen brand allows a salesperson to sell with a specific sales direction. It is the job of a retailer to direct the consumer to a product chosen to be the best.

A unique brand of Canadian diamond facilitates a clear message to be passed from management to staff and finally to the consumer. One chosen brand facilitates a focus for displaying the product. One chosen brand demonstrates confidence in a product (both to staff and consumer) and allows the retailer to better utilize buying power. One chosen brand sets the store apart from the competition and creates an image for the store, allowing for greater profitability.

It is a common occurrence for a client to approach a retailer with an exact request for a particular type of diamond purchase. This behavior is a warning to the retailer that the competition or the Internet has sold the client on a specific grade or marketing concept. This is the time for the experienced salesperson to display their knowledge and confidence in marketing a well-researched product line of Canadian diamond. The job of the salesperson is not to fill an order but to inform and guide a client in making a better purchase. A good salesperson begins to do his job when the customer says ‘NO’. The bricks and mortar retailers need to recognize that knowledge and brand specialization are the necessary tools to turn a ‘NO’ into a successful diamond sale.

It is the duty of a supplier of a branded Canadian diamond to provide a unique and individual product to the retailer. It is the duty of a branded Canadian diamond supplier to provide a consistently recognizable and reliable product. It is the duty of the supplier of a branded Canadian diamond to uphold the high standards of practice necessary to protect the reputation of the Canadian diamond industry. It is incumbent upon a Canadian diamond supplier to be an example of marketing success and support the retailer as a business partner with the knowledge, ideas and confidence that are so important in making a business successful.

We hope you will consider Regal Imports Ltd. and the Hallmark of Quality Canadian Diamond as your source for Canadian diamonds.