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Regal Imports News for MAY 2019

April 30th was Regal Imports' fiscal year end. This date marked 41 years since I opened the business. Regal Imports originally consisted of a chair and a table in a shared room of someone else's office. When my diamonds were not in the trunk of my car, under lock and chain, they were in a safety deposit box in a bank across the street. I went from store to store with a briefcase of small diamonds and a portable diamond scale with little weights to balance against the diamonds on the other side. At night, I tried to deposit the diamonds I carried with me in a locked bag in the bank's night depository. I kept my stock up to date daily by marking stock cards with the day's sales. I was not married; I was 28 years old and was happy to complete any sale. I was a one man show and not ashamed to be called the smallest diamond dealer in the world.

Ten years passed and my small business was thriving. I moved from my shared room to my present office, which continued to expand in size and staff over the years. To say that the diamond business has been good to me would be an enormous understatement.

I eagerly anticipate modern advancements in diamond related technology and embrace changes to the industry and to my business. I try to be an exemplary member of the diamond industry. I have always considered my clients as my partners. My philosophy of business is 'if my clients do well then I do well'. I sleep easy knowing that I never take advantage of anyone and I feel that it is my obligation to help younger people as they enter the business.

I was born in April, the diamond month, and I feel perfectly suited to the diamond business. I am anal, picky and a perfectionist. I must be a very boring person because I never get tired of looking at diamonds! I am 69 years old. I ride a racing bike like a 30-year-old. I am healthy, excitable and have a passion for life! I am happily married with 2 sons and 2 wonderful granddaughters.

I run a tight ship with talented employees. Regal Imports is renowned for carrying only the most tightly graded diamonds. Our reputation is second to none. I am a specialized boutique supplier, supplying only the best diamonds to discerning jewellers.

Regal Imports will be relocating to new offices in the next few weeks. The new offices are glass and transparent with a view that only Vancouver can offer. Built around a central café and wet bar, our offices reflect a casual and friendly wholesale diamond atmosphere - the perfect environment for an enjoyable experience. I believe that when you enjoy what you are doing, you can't help but do a better job.

Regal imports will have a new location, a new modern feel, a new atmosphere and the same attitude towards beautiful diamonds. The couches will be comfortable. The coffee will be hot and freshly ground. The comfortable surroundings will make our offices a place to meet and greet with those members of the trade who appreciate learning more about fine diamonds.

We are also expanding our selection of diamonds to encompass some new trends. Millennials are drawn to smaller more unusual diamonds set in simple understated mounts. We have been working very hard to secure a selection of the world's best rose cut diamonds. These diamonds will assist jewellers in accommodating the Millennial vision for individuality. All the new rose cuts are top cut, colour and clarity and graded to the standards that everyone expects from Regal Imports. I call these diamonds the 'Regal Rose'.

We have also been building up our stock of smaller Canadian fancy shapes. We are finding that younger consumers are enamored with small Canadian fancy shapes. So, we are augmenting our special rose cuts with a constantly changing array of individually graded and branded Canadian smaller fancy shape diamonds.

We are excited to be able to cater to new trends and assist our clients in their creation of special and unique pieces of fine jewellery. As technology and fashion change, successful businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Regal imports is listening carefully to our clients and, in so doing, facilitating their ability to compete in the current fashion forum.

I am grateful to have loyal and appreciative clients. After all, it is our client's feedback and advice that gives us the impetus to build stronger relationships and move into the future with energy and excitement.

And that's the Regal Imports News and I thank you very much for continuing to make my time in the diamond business so gratifying.

Mel Moss