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Unusual Diamonds

Show-Stoppers That Won't Go Unnoticed

*Updated: May 16th, 2024
Individually Listed Below. Please Login to our "Diamond Prices" Inventory Portal above for Pricing!

Shape Size Colour Clarity Origin Diamond Video
Step-Cut Lozenge 0.29ct D VS1 Angola
Step-Cut Hexagon 0.30ct D VS1 Canada
Step-Cut Shield  0.30ct D VS1 N/A
Modified Step-Cut Kite 0.31ct D VS1 Canada
Step-Cut Hexagon 0.32ct F VS2 Canada
Old European Cut 0.33ct G VS1 DTC
Step-Cut Hexagon  0.40ct F VS2 Canada
Step-Cut Hexagon  0.41ct F VS1 Canada
Step-Cut Lozenge 0.44ct D VS1 Angola
Modified Brilliant Half-Moon 0.45ct D VVS1 Botswana
Step-Cut Triangle 0.47ct E SI1 Angola
Step-Cut Oval 0.48ct H VS2 DTC
Modified Brilliant Emerald  0.52ct F VS2 Canada
Modified Brilliant Emerald  0.53ct D VS2 Botswana
Modified Brilliant Emerald  0.60ct F VS1 DTC
Modified Heart Step-Cut 0.75ct F VS1 Canada
Step-Cut Modified Pear 1.01ct D VS2 Angola
Step-Cut Hexagon 1.03ct F SI2 Angola
Step-Cut Marquise 1.05ct D SI1 Canada
Step-Cut Heart 1.09ct F VS2 DTC
Step-Cut Hexagon 1.70ct VS1 Canada
Modified Brilliant Emerald  2.15ct F VS1 Canada


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