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I Recently Read an Expose on the Life of U.S Air Force Colonel John Boyd - April 2023 News



According to his biographer, he made more contributions to fighter tactics, aircraft design and the theory of Air Combat than any man in Air Force history. John Boyd could have been a prototype for Maverick in Top Gun. John Boyd was never promoted above the rank of Colonel. He was a non-conformist; he lived a principled life, which did not always conform with established military practice. He found that the road to military success often collided with his ideals. Boyd did not follow orders to the letter, and he would not give in if his values clashed with his superiors. He was a polarizing figure and so did not move up the ranks.

However, he was not deterred. He believed that if the system is imperfect, the best method to improve it is from within. Boyd reached a crossroad in his career when one path led to institutional success, and the other followed his personal convictions.

These are his words: "One day, you will come to a fork in the road, and you're going to have to decide about which direction you want to go. That decision would be between acting with purpose and doing something or making compromises, becoming a member of the club and being a somebody."

Boyd's thoughts can seamlessly be applied to contemporary business practices. Matt Bell of the marketing company extends Colonel Boyd's life philosophy to business with the following statement: "It is the need to shift from and always be closing sales driven mindset that pervaded B2B business for several decades to a customer-driven mindset of always be helping. As a company, you have to make a decision between acting with purpose and doing something or making compromises and being something you think investors and headline writers want to see."

At Regal Imports, we are decisively in the Colonel's camp. Like the Colonel, Regal Imports is not a standard cut-out diamond company. We often go against the flow and speak truth to power. We are not afraid to criticize the status quo and, in so doing, have created our share of controversy.

Regal Imports does not strive to be the largest diamond dealer in the world. We wish to be a more intimate company holding to standards that we feel are essential and achievable. We believe this attitude to be perfectly in tune with diamonds as luxury.

There is room in business for many distinct types of players, and we are by no means saying that we are the right fit for everyone. Every business needs to choose a direction that supports their concept of success and defines their brand. Colonel Boyd's thoughts and actions throughout his military career present a different and, in some aspects, more modern take on the meaning of success -- a definition not limited by tradition or monetary gain. His principled ways and his insistence on doing the right thing at any cost are commendable and align closely with the mindset of contemporary retail consumers.

I will end with a quote penned by L. Hill, a jewelry industry consultant and CEO at Hill and Company: "Know, like, and trust requires revealing who you are, what you stand for and saying it over and over again in new ways, so it can be counted upon. And don't stop at saying it -- show it."

Mel Moss