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Delivering the Message - July 2023 News



I have been writing and broadcasting the Regal Imports News for 15 years. The research and preparation for each segment is quite time-consuming. So, you might wonder why I bother putting it all together.

I honestly enjoy this monthly exercise. It's like putting pieces of a puzzle in place and, when finished, I have a complete picture. The process of editing helps me focus and it can lead to innovative conclusions. I really don't know where my writing will take me until the whole process is complete.

I am the type of character that tends to obsess over every detail. It is important, to me, that each broadcast is creatively different, interesting, as well as logical, rational, and current.

I have a good understanding of the worth of diamonds, which I acquired over many years of buying and selling. I have an innate need to be 'in the know.' I am a straight shooter, and I don't pull my punches. I speak my truth as I see it and I welcome and respond to all feedback.

By plotting where the diamond industry seems to be heading, I not only inform my viewers, but I keep myself right up to date. This business is complex. It consists of international players, different governmental interests and laws and is centered around billions of dollars of investment. It intersects the worlds of economics, art, fashion, sustainability, politics, and conflict.

Constructing and distributing a monthly news broadcast helps to bring attention to my 'sparkling' personality and, more seriously, encourages trust in me and my company. If you are a regular viewer, it means that my work has caught your attention, earned your confidence . and that is my intent.

The Regal Imports News is a marketing tool calculated to increase my profile and promote the strength of knowledge that backs up my company and its products. It is challenging to keep a consistently high standard of content, but I feel the effort is certainly worthwhile. Today, I am using my news broadcast as an example of one of the methods anyone can use to increase credibility, trust, and authority.

Regular communication is a critical element in building and maintaining any business. It is a worthwhile tool to point out personal convictions and attitudes and it can differentiate a company from competition. It is ultimately important that businesses, whether using B2B or B2C marketing, understand who they are and what they stand for. If the fundamentals of each communiqué are assembled with care and diligence, then, the outcome can only be positive and that is why the Regal Imports News continues to be produced, after 15 years.

Mel Moss